Have you ever been in a food rut? Where you eat the same thing or few things over and over again? I assume you have or you wouldn’t be reading a food blog. Well, in order to fight that inertia and because cooking is one of my favorite things to do to relax (along with reading, listening to rock/punk music and a minor obsession with British TV show) I started trying out a new recipe every week. Sometime it works beautifully. Sometimes not so much. Regardless, good, bad or indifferent, each week there will be something I haven’t made before.

Things you should know about my approach to cooking and thus this blog: 1. All the recipes are vegetarian. Cause I’m a vegetarian, and vegetables are highly under-appreciated except in health-food fads, and then they are overrated. 2. I don’t really measure things. Or set timers. I just kinda add things and cook it until it looks/feels/tastes right. I will add the recipes but they won’t be overly precise. Sorry. 3. Experimentation is key. When I see a recipe to try, I will substitute ingredients, change suggested amounts and play with something according to my whims/what happens to be in my fridge/personal preferences. This is not something I’d suggest if you are a novice at cooking, but I highly encourage it if you are comfortable in the kitchen. 90% of the time recipes are guidelines, not set in stone rules and I treat them as such.

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