Pasta with Spinach-Parmesan Sauce

Making a long story short: My apartment was invaded by mice, so I am moving apartments. Between being, shall we say, less motivated to cook in my kitchen after seeing mice and the packing/work involved in actually moving, I’ve been lax about new recipe day. But I have had to use up a bunch of things like milk, and my frozen spinach, so I made Spinach-Parmesan sauce, which I’ve made a few times, and stuck it on pasta, which I haven’t done. Thereby technically making a new recipe.

2-3 servings linguine
1 cup frozen, chopped spinach
2 tablespoons salted butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup milk
2/3 cup parmesan
dash of nutmeg


Cook the pasta. While the water is boiling/the pasta is cooking, make the sauce. Defrost the spinach in a microwave, it should only take a couple minutes. In a saucepan, melt the butter, then quickly stir in the flour so a paste forms. Pour in the milk and stir, constantly and making sure to scrape the bottom so nothing settles there, until the sauce has thickened. Add the cheese and nutmeg, mixing it until the parmesan has melted. Then remove from heat and stir in the spinach. Once the pasta has been cooked, drained and served into bowls, plop as much (or I suppose as little) sauce as you want on it and stir till it is evenly coated. Serve warm with salad.

This was really good. I’m a big fan of adding something green, usually kale or spinach, to something otherwise super carb-y or unhealthy to make it a little healthier and more balance, and honestly, it never takes anything away from the cheesy goodness of the sauce. And you can’t ever go wrong with cheese sauce on pasta, especially parmesan sauce which I like more than alfredo sauce. I had this with a super fruity malbec rose that I’m rather fond of. Song of the week: One Last Time, from Hamilton. Yes, I’m still totally obsessed with Hamilton, and this song really resonated with me, because one of my close friends moved to a different continent last week, and we made sure to have one last beer together before he left.

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