Green Eggs (Without Ham)

I don’t care how old you get, Dr. Seuss is always awesome. This recipe, however, initially had absolutely nothing to do with the author however – it started with parsley. Fresh herbs are always better than dried ones – but when you cook for one person, a whole bunch of any given herb takes awhile to use up. This week, I happen to have a lot of extra parsley, and had to find a way to use it.

green eggs

see – green!

Green Eggs
2 eggs OR 1 egg and 1 egg white
2 green onions, chopped
Chopped fresh parsley
1 oz shredded mozzarella cheese

Melt the butter in an omlette pan, add the white parts of the green onions and let saute for about a minute or so. Mix in the eggs, and scramble them. I usually use one egg and one egg white because it strikes me as slightly healthier. After a couple minutes, add the green parts of the onions, the parsley, and the cheese and mix into the eggs, continuing to scramble until they are all done. I list mozzarella because it works well with the parsley, but you could use fontina or probably goat cheese if you want.

The result is awesome – it makes a good brunch item, a lovely quick dinner after a long day of work, and when I eventually become an aunt I will totally make and feed it to my sister’s kids while reading them Green Eggs and Ham. Sometimes, good food doesn’t need to be complicated or involve a lot of prep – and that’s a helpful thing to remember – especially when you spend 12 hours at work on a given day. Song of the week – Here’s to the Heartache by Nothing More. Angsty music gets a bad rap in my opinion – life sometime is objectively crappy, and when that happens, angsty, angry music often makes me feel better. Not that I had a bad week – my sister just introduced me to this song a couple days ago and I had to share.

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