Wherein we have a holiday revolving entirely around food

Thanksgiving has long been one of my all time favorite holidays. Its about food. Namely, cooking and eating a giant amazing meal. My little internal historian is forcing me to mention that the Pilgrims did not come to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution, they came for economic opportunities, like everyone else, and to avoid the Dutchification of their little group. Also, they were not the first European settlers in what is now the US (they weren’t even the first English, not to mention there were, you know, already millions of people living here). On the plus side, Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday during the Civil War, so that makes it all better. Ok – now that that’s out of my system. For all intents and purposes, Thanksgiving is a standard harvest feast. Which, in my opinion, is awesome.

The one annoying thing about Thanksgiving is that people get very confused as to how it works for vegetarians. People have this weird idea that one cannot have Thanksgiving without eating turkey. Which is silly. My family would change our Thanksgiving menu every year, and it was always always good, and always fun to cook. This year for Thanksgiving, my family was all scattered, so I decided to have my own Thanksgiving feast of one in my apartment. I cooked all morning, making everything from scratch  (of course) and had my dinner at the slightly odd time of 2:30. So here is a breakdown of my Thankgiving meal. Also, part of my Thanksgiving music playlist: “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” by Arlo Guthrie, and PDQ Bach’s “The Seasonings.”

Appetizers: Crackers and cheese. Simple, I know, but easy to snack on while everything is finishing cooking in the oven. I had two types of cheese, goat cheese brie and Irish cheddar, with some apple slices and a glass of Riesling.

The Salad Course

winter salad

Basic winter salad of my own design. Spring lettuce mix, with crumbled gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, and little sections of tangerine. For the dressing, I simply chopped up some garlic, added salt, pepper, white wine vinegar, and olive oil, mixed them all together, and spooned it onto the salad. Served with a light white wine.

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