The continuing adventures of fruit desserts …

As much as I love traveling, it does require a certain amount of preparation. In particular – cleaning out the fridge of anything that will get gross by the time you get back. This time around, I am trying to use up two things in particular before I leave on Saturday: milk and eggs. Naturally this means pancakes, but also baking! Continuing to cast around my fridge, I found a lone granny smith apple (the absolute best for baking). Obviously, the only logical conclusion is to bake apple cake. Which is doubly perfect because fall means apples, and cooking with apples, and apple-related happiness.

So I pulled out my trusty Flour cookbook, and lo and behold, there was an apple cake recipe. Which, ironically, didn’t include milk, but I decided to make it anyway (one can always drink milk with cake).  As per usual, I didn’t follow the directions exactly. I slightly decreased the amount of sugar, but added a tiny bit of molasses (like a tablespoon). I also doubled the spices, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg (it called for cloves and I didn’t have any so I replaced it with nutmeg). And I only had one apple, not two, which I didn’t bother peeling cause my vegetable peeler is mediocre at best. (One of the kitchen tools in my parent’s house that I miss the most is this apple-corer-peeler which cores, peels, and turns your apple into a slinky so you don’t need to slice it. It’s magical and I miss it).

Not the prettiest cake, but 100% delicious

Not the prettiest cake, but 100% delicious, which is what truly matters

The result was more of a spice cake with chunks of apples, than an apple cake. Which is not to suggest that it wasn’t absolutely delicious. It tastes very rich but in a wholesome, old-school kind of way. Like how I would imagine cakes made in English-colonial America. I cut it into pieces, so I would be forced to freeze some of them, and not eat all the cake between now and Friday. This cake does not need any frosting whatsoever. The recipe suggests sprinkling with powdered sugar if desired, but I think that’s unnecessary. If I make it again though, I think I will add more molasses and apples, and cut down on the sugar. Incidentally, this cake also makes an excellent breakfast. And its not just me and my love of dessert breakfasts – the recipe was in the “breakfast” section of the Flour cookbook, right along with coffee cake. So – tea and apple-spice cake is a 100% respectable way to start your morning.

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