Recreating a childhood recipe as an adult

When I was little, my mom would make this casserole/savory bread pudding thing with bread cubes, cheese, eggs and milk. Recently, I’ve been craving it. So naturally I decided to attempt it. Unfortunately, I decided to attempt it without looking at a recipe, or asking my mom. Not always the world’s best choice.

Rather than buy ingredients, I decided to use what was in my kitchen. Step one, cube up the left over bread I had (it was drying out anyways – the downside of baking your own bread is that is dries out quickly). Next, I beat an egg, and added a 1/2 cup milk, some shredded cheese, chopped garlic and some spinach. I placed the bread cubes in the pan, and poured the liquid mixture over it. Then I baked it at 350 until it was golden brown and puffy.

souffle-pudding thing

The result – not bad, but not great. The main problem: too little filling in too large of a pan. Everything spread out and so it didn’t have the texture of bread pudding. The little cubes of bread weren’t totally immersed in the filing. And there definitely wasn’t enough bread. I had a feeling this would happen, but I only have so many baking dishes. Clearly this means I need to shop for more! Yay! The second problem with it was that it was slightly on the bland side. Maybe this dish was always bland and I didn’t notice cause I was a little kid, but this time around it was slightly unfortunate. However, one can always add more cheese – at that fixed that problem. Also, it makes an excellent breakfast – filling, balanced, and works well with a cup of tea.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to play around with this one more. It was perfectly good, particularly as an odds-and-ends kind of recipes, but there are other things I’d rather do with those ingredients I think, then try to perfect this recipe. Oh well, no one can be a brilliant cook all the time – not even me. But hey, it was still good.

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