Experimental Trifle, Part 1

This is a long enough saga, I feel it needs to be broken into 2 parts. Several weeks ago, I was flipping through my Harry Potter cookbook, and I came across a trifle recipe. It looked interesting, and one of my friends had mentioned her grandmother had made trifle with sherry and it was excellent. A week or so goes by, and I see a different recipe, this one in my Flour cookbook, for Lemon-Raspberry cake. It looked good, but I lacked cake-pans. Suddenly inspiration struck – Lemon-Raspberry Trifle!  It was perfect. I wasn’t going to buy sherry, but I had chambord, a raspberry liqueur. This weekend, since it was a three day weekend, I decided to put plan into action.

Most trifle recipes I found online suggest using store-bought cake, and instant pudding or some such nonsense. Which is clearly absurd. So, I called my mom, figuring she’d have some suggestions, and after some debate, she decided sponge cake would be good (and found her recipe in less than 30 seconds – seriously, she did a countdown). As for sponge cake: beat 1 egg with an electric mixer for five minutes. Yep. Five. Then add in 1/3 cup sugar and mix that in. Add 3 tablespoons of water, and 1/2 tsp of vanilla. Then mix in 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 cup flour, and a pinch of salt. Pour into a pan, and bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes (or until its springy when you touch it). Let it cool. Its kinda sticky, so be careful about wrapping it in plastic wrap – it will stick to the plastic.

Rather than use custard, or pudding, something silly like that, I decided to make lemon curd. Again, from scratch. The recipe is adapted from the flour cookbook. beat 2 eggs and 1 egg yolk. Whisk in 1/2 cup sugar. Heat 1/2 cup lemon juice (I used organic, not-from-concentrate juice, but in general one should use fresh), 2 tbsp butter and one tbsp milk in a saucepan to almost boiling. Remove from heat and add a little at a time to the egg mixture. Seriously be careful at this stage. Add a little, and then quickly mix it in. You don’t want the eggs to get unevenly cooked. Once its all mixed in, return the entire mixture to the saucepan, and cook it on medium heat until it gets thick. Add 1/2 tsp of vanilla. Pour into a bowl and set aside.

sponge cake and lemon curd

sponge cake and lemon curd

At this point, I had all the necessary ingredients to make trifle …

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