Vive la France!!

July is clearly the month to celebrate French food. Not only is Bastille Day July 14th, but the United States owes its independence to the help of our close allies, the French (who, lets be honest, didn’t actually care about us but really wanted to screw over the British). Combine that with all the lovely fresh summer food, and you really need to just embrace the glory that is French cuisine. One thing I’ve always liked about French food is that they really do appreciate fruits and vegetables. Also desserts. So I tried a combination of the two: a french fruit dessert, called Plum Clafoutis.

I’ve actually already made this twice, I loved it so much. I might make it again in the very near future. As per usual, it comes from the Flour bakery cookbook. Its a fairly simply concept. Butter a dish – I used my trusty pie plate. Chop some plums, coat with sugar, and put into the dish. Then mix eggs, milk, sugar, flour and vanilla together and pour it over the fruit. Bake untl golden brown. Cool a little, sprinkle on powdered sugar, and serve warm.

plum clafoutis

This turned out much softer than I expected, not that I suppose it would make sense not to be soft. Its kinda like a custard or a souffle or something similar in consistency. It is incredible though. The recipe suggested eating it warm, but eating it cold, for breakfast the next day or two is also amazing. I really like plums, so this recipe is pretty much perfect as is, but I have a sneaking suspicion this could be adapted to work with other fruits. Perhaps peaches or apricots.

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