Summer turnovers

I’ve always though of turnovers as winter foods. No logical reason for it I suppose, but it just seems like a winter food to me. However, I was debating between two recipes with very similar ingredients: a southwest quiche, or Summer turnovers. I went with the turnovers.

First step is always making the dough for the turnovers – in this case a basic pie-crust/pastry dough. Start with 1 cup flour and cut in about 4 tablespoons salted butter. You can use a fork but investing in a pastry cutter is a very very good life choice. Once the butter is all mixed in, add water, a little at a time, and mix until it all combines. Always add water in small amounts, otherwise you risk using too much and that ruins the dough. Step two – the filling. Saute chopped onions, chiles (as per usual I used anaheim chiles), bell pepper and corn. Add cumin and cayenne to taste. I actually bought cayenne as I finally ran out of paprika and, well, it has more of a kick.

the pretty, colorful turnover filling

the pretty, colorful turnover filling

Assembly: divide the dough into 4 or 5 balls. Roll out into circles. Fill with some of the filling and shredded cheese, I used sharp cheddar. Seal the edges of the turnover, and brush with an egg wash. Now, I’d never made an egg wash before, and I don’t have a pastry brush. So I beat and egg with some water and carefully poured in on the finished turnovers and spread it (sorta) with a fork. It kinda worked, but not the best choice I’ve ever made cooking-wise. Cut slits on the top of the turnovers, and bake at 400 until golden brown.

Less exciting looking in finished form

Less exciting looking in finished form

These were good, but the pastry was what made them wonderful. The filling itself had more of a kick than I expected – way more of a kick actually. Too much so for me to enjoy eating the filling by itself. But, when combined with the pastry and the cheese it all mellows and evens out in a very happy way. Be careful reheating leftovers though – the crust gets kinda limp, rather than crisp if you microwave it several days after baking.

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