Staying South of the Border

Sometimes I decided what to cook solely based on what happens to be in my fridge at the time. Due to the leftovers from making enchiladas, I had the exact right ingredients to make Mexican scrambled eggs. Like the enchiladas recipe, this one came from the Greens cookbook. Its intended to be a brunch recipe but I didn’t decide on making it til mid-afternoon so I had it for dinner, which works too.

mexican scrambled eggs

The beauty of this recipe is that its so simple. Chop chiles, in my case anaheim, red bell pepper and onion. Saute. Add chopped pieces of tortillas. Saute for a bit longer than add the eggs, cumin, pepper and cayanne to taste. Cook the eggs. Making scrambled eggs just involves constantly stirring so that the uncooked egg moves gets contact with the frying pan, and the cooked egg doesn’t burn. The stirring also makes it fluffy. Once the eggs are almost done cooking, add cheese and finish cooking.

Top with salsa and serve. Such a simple recipe, and yet so good. Totally worth trying for brunch, dinner or whenever you are hungry and need something both fast ad delicious.

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