Feliz Cinqo de Mayo

So for Cinqo de Mayo I decided I had to do a Mexican recipe. Not that in reality Cinqo de Mayo has anything to do with Mexico and is mostly so that Mexican-Americans get a holiday and everyone gets an excuse to drink tequila. But any excuse to cook something different is a good excuse and this was no exception. So I looked through my Greens cookbook, cause what better place to find a good recipe than a cookbook from a San Francisco restaurant? The decision: enchiladas verde.

The filling was extremely straightforward. Saute onions, garlic, and fresh corn. After a while, add chopped zucchini (a very standard vegetable used in Mexican cooking), and chopped chiles. The recipe itself called for various types of chiles, but I have an admittedly low spice threshold, so I used a fresh Anaheim chile, which is flavorful, but mild enough for me to handle and is my go-to chile. Season to taste with salt, pepper, cumin and cayenne (for which I substituted paprika, cause that’s what I had).

Assembling: So when making enchiladas, you are supposed to dip the tortillas in extremely hot oil, in order to make them pliable. This seemed unnecessarily caloric to me. So instead I just heated the tortillas up in the microwave. They are more prone to falling apart that way, but its faster and less bad for you so its worth it in my book. With the warm corn tortillas, add some filling and shredded cheese, I used cheddar. Take the pan you are cooking the enchiladas in and pour a layer of verde sauce on it. Greens has their own recipe for verde aka tomatillo sauce, but I was not about to make that from scratch. For one thing, the tomatillos back home in Cali are way cheaper than they are on this coast. So I bought a jar of salsa verde and used that instead. Place the assembled enchiladas on the sauce-covered pan, and then cover with more salsa verde. Cook covered for about 20 minutes or so.

not the prettiest food I've made, but totally delicious

not the prettiest food I’ve made, but totally delicious

Once they are done, sprinkle with more cheese, serve, and eat. I was never a fan on enchiladas growing up. Whenever my mom made them, I’d complain or eat them without the sauce. Upon reflection, I probably just hated the enchilada sauce she used. However, these were delicious! Big fan. Will definitely make again. I paired the enchiladas with a solid summer beer. Beer, particularly wheat ales, cut through spiciness well and provide a good complement to Mexican food. Of course, I’m sure margaritas would work reasonably well also.

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