Cooking with Harry Potter

Because my best friend is amazing, one of my new cookbooks is The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook which is recipes for foods that are mentioned or referenced in the Harry Potter books. It even includes little blurbs about where in the books the foods are referenced, how to ruin a recipe so its more like Hagrid’s cooking, and little boxes with fun facts about food. Basically, in my world its one of the coolest things ever. Since I’m trying to rotate between all my new cookbooks, so they all feel loved, Harry Potter cookbook had to be next one. For the first recipe I chose: cinnamon rolls. Which is cheating a little because the books just mention breakfast rolls.

cinnamon rolls

I’m not going to go through the entire recipe this time – way too long for a blog, and there a probably a million, very similar cinnamon roll recipes out there. But I do have some fun tips. One: make the rolls the night before and let them do the final rise in the fridge. All you’ll need to do the next morning for freshly baked rolls is to pop them in the oven for 20ish minutes. One of my colleagues was shocked when I told her I made cinnamon rolls from scratch for breakfast because it requires waking up so early. But it really doesn’t if you do it this way. You lose maybe 10 minutes of sleep, maybe. Two: use lots of cinnamon. More than they initially suggest probably. Otherwise all you will taste is sugar and bread. Three: freeze the extra rolls that you don’t intend to eat immediately before you bake them. Then the night before, stick a couple in the fridge to thaw. This way you don’t bake them all at once and get increasingly stale rolls over the week, you get fresh ones every day!  Four: Glaze, at least in my opinion, is unnecessary.  It just adds redundant sweetness and makes it stickier and messier.

Having hot, fresh pastries with a cup of tea for breakfast is amazing. The work of making them is totally worth it. And I am not a morning person at all. I promise, if I can do it, you can too.

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