Keeping pasta interesting

I rarely eat pasta. Maybe I ODed on it as a kid, but I really rarely eat it anymore. It’s boring. And unlike when I lived at home I don’t have a giant basil plant to make into pesto in my apartment. However, I was out of bread and wanted something with starch so pasta it was. But it had to be pasta in a new way … Like so many times before Greens came to the rescue! Greens is one of my all-time favorite restaurants and has published three cookbooks. I have never disliked anything I’ve eaten out of them. I swear they could have a dish made of brussels sprouts, mushrooms and nuts and I’d still like it. They are magic.

the unintentionally christmas-y pasta

the unintentionally Christmas-y pasta

The Recipe: Linguine with roasted peppers and broccoli. Simple enough, you saute garlic, add in the bell peppers and par-boiled broccoli and then cooked pasta and some sliced olives. And lemon juice if you have it (I didn’t). I was also too hungry and lazy to roast the peppers, but I sauteed them a bit longer and it all worked out. So many times simple dishes are great – this was a filling and relatively healthy meal with very generic ingredients. Admittedly, I love almost anything with garlic and olives in it. But it was a good reminder that a pasta meal doesn’t have to be boring.

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