Savory tarts and a first date with parsnips

This fall I discovered savory tarts. It all started with Hurricane Sandy and looking at food-related things on NPR. I discovered their weekly recipe series, Kitchen Window, and the first one I saw was on savory tarts. I fell in love. However, even the best things need some mixing up at times, and taking a template I liked and trying something more adventurous seemed like a decent place to start.  So I went back to where it all started and decided on a different tart recipe – Parsnips and Apple Galette. Now I’ve never really eaten parsnips, or at least not often, so this seemed like good introduction – something I already felt comfy with but with a new ingredient – rather like having a first date at a bar you already like. I didn’t exactly follow the recipe. I used a different pastry recipe and just normal lettuce since I’m not a fan of arugula. A bit of advice on making pastry crust – add only small bits of water at a time. Too much water ruins it and you have to start over. Also – NEVER mix with a spoon. Mix the water in a little with a knife and then use your hands. Only way to really get it right is to make sure it feels right

The result …

parsnip apple tart

…. unbelievably good (sorry about the picture – I forgot to take it until after I started eating). It was one of those magically perfect recipes that I knew was amazing  after just one bite.

Of course one recipe could just be a fluke, so I have a second date with new a parsnip-based recipe this weekend ….

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